When you are going to an indoor shooting range, you will still need the proper eyewear and protection that shooting glasses offer. Some other things you might not need to worry about when shooting indoors are the weather conditions, having too much or too little light coming from the sun or backdrops depending on where your range is located.

In this article, we will help walk you through the process of choosing the best indoor shooting glasses and what to look for when you are on the hunt for your next pair.

How To Choose Your Indoor Shooting Glasses

As we talked about above, you will not need to worry about the same elements and lighting conditions that you would while shooting outdoors. So what are the factors that you should consider? These include factors like:

  • Blue light from devices or LED lighting
  • The colour or tint of the glasses themselves
  • Features like ventilation, frame and lens style

Protection From Blue Light

Blue light is unavoidable when in bright indoor lighting or from other devices like screens. The best way to protect your eyes from vision strain or eye fatigue, you should give your eyes a break as often as you can when you are being exposed to it, especially closer to night time.

Shooting indoors is no exception and gun ranges will tend to use more powerful lights since they are required to be a safe distance from the shooter and their firing path. Over a long period of time, blue light can start to affect your vision and your shot. Having the right pair of indoor shooting glasses will help you prevent that.

Yellow lenses are great for blocking blue light without adding on a heavy tint for indoor shooting, and clear lenses are typically worn for enhancing clarity.

Choosing A Lens Colour For An Indoor Range

In general, there should be even lighting throughout the range, but without low profile lights, proper lighting can be hard to come by indoors. You might be combatting a bright, dim or even light staging area. Getting shooting glasses that have changeable tints can be very helpful.

The most common lens colours for indoor shooting glasses are clear and yellow.

Clear is the most common lens colour for shooting glasses when going to an indoor range because they still allow for protective benefits that regular benefits can give you, without adding any lens tint or shade.

Yellow is usually worn by individuals who shoot indoors who want to protect their eyes from fatigue from the blue light. Having blurred vision or tired eyes can cause a lousy shot, so it is always recommended to have a yellow pair on hand just in case.