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A wide variety of colours and playful designs come together in our Kid’s Eyewear collections. When offering Eyewear to kids, we focus on flexibility and toughness that can withstand the active lifestyle of children. We feature a wide range of trendy kids’ frames with specialized features to meet your child’s unique visual and facial needs. Our focus is on providing a positive experience for children to get them excited about wearing glasses.

Most of our Kids eyewear is fitted with HOYA Lenses ‘Eye M Growing’ Kids Program that offers 2 Years unconditional warranty on Scratches and coating defects for the same prescription & frame. The Eye-M-Growing Kids Program allows us to support Kids through the development of their visual needs and changing prescriptions by offering a free pair of lenses when the eyeglasses prescription changes in the first 15 months of the purchase (some conditions may apply).

With a wide variety of inventory for children, we keep updating our frames as new styles and technology are introduced within the industry. Here are some of the collections available at Blink Vision Care.

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Lindberg Kids/Teens

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Thanks to the extreme flexibility and strength of the titanium wire, the LINDBERG Kids/Teen frames are so strong that they will hardly ever cause any problems, not even in rough and tumble situations or when playing ball games.

They look good without dominating the face. Children barely feel the glasses, thanks to their lightness, flexibility and adaptability. They always sit just as they should, as the frames are available in many sizes whilst the titanium material allows opticians to achieve the perfect fit.

LINDBERG Junior glasses are also hypoallergenic as the frames are nickel-free, unlike most other flex-metal children’s frames. Frames are available in an abundance of shapes, colours and sizes, and the collection is constantly being developed further.

Lafont Enfants

Lafont traces its origins nearly 90 years to 1923, when patriarch Louis Lafont opened an optical shop in Paris. Family members Phillipe and Laurence Lafont continued the tradition, creating the world-renowned brand in 1972. Lafont eyeglasses soon became synonymous with Parisian style, flair and luxury. Today, Lafont brand is known for its innovative eyeglass frames, shapes and colours, elegant details and superb craftsmanship. Like the adult collection, all Lafont Kids collection is Hand Made in France. The collection showcases very well designed shapes and colours that are built to last longer.

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NANO Vista Eyewear

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The NANO collections stand out from the crowd due to their maximum flexibility making them “Child-Proof”. NANO frames are manufactured with the exclusive and patented hinge and SILIFLEX material. This unique thermo-adjustable material is 35% lighter than acetate frames and delivers a long-lasting and durable finish. Forget about constant breakages. In addition to these features, its special adaptability with manually adaptable temple tips, Adjustable mini-band and the possibility of exchange fixing system between temples and a headband, this has allowed the utility patent to the NANO frames.

Milo & Me Kid’s Eyewear

Milo & Me that are fun for kids offer lightweight materials and a variety of colours. These are for kids ages 6 to 12 looking for durable yet fun frames. Milo & Me features eight styles in over 16 fun and vibrant colours that kids will love. The durable nylon and TPE construction stands up to a kid’s “rough and tumble world.” Additional features include fully adjustable temples and locking screws. These lightweight, comfortable frame styles range in sizes for ages 6 to 12 and each frame includes a case, sport strap, and optional ear cable hook accessories.

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Etnia Barcelona Kids

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With Etnia Barcelona’s Children’s frames, you get the remarkable quality of craftsmanship combined with an innovative and fun sense of colour.  Born from the company’s ever-growing commitment to providing an exceptionally unique product, they draw inspiration from their rich Spanish heritage and pride themselves on being at the forefront of style. In these glasses, your child will have a product that is not only fashionable but extremely well made from a high-quality acetate that will hold up to everyday wear while still maintaining a nice glossy finish in a variety of beautiful colours.

VerSport Kids & Teen Sporting Glasses

VerSport glasses are made from an exclusive High-performance polymer-based material that guarantees maximum strength and protection against impact and yields the level of safety, elasticity and comfort required to engage in sports activities. The VerSport range delivers solutions for both children, teens and adults. VerSport sports Rx goggles feature a number of specific features designed for wear in the sports arena but also as a general wear activity eyewear.

Shaw Lens

The SHAW NO-PATCH program (For Kids)

Our Optometrist on Panel can discover whether the amblyopia presented by the patient is something that can be corrected with our technology within 12 – 20 weeks. This lens design methodology is indicated to correct straight-eye, refractive amblyopia without the use of patching often within a year, but the indication of whether this treatment will be effective can be discovered at about the 12 week mark after beginning wearing of the SHAW lens.

Refractive or straight eye lazy eye has been traditionally treated by suppressing the vision in one eye (the “good” eye) using either a patch or drops.

Amblyopia is caused by an image in one eye that is not syncing with the image in the other eye. With a typical case of anisometropia, the image is focused in one eye and the other eye is defocused, and the brain will tend to ignore the defocused eye.

If the defocused eye requires a prescription different from the other eye’s – which it frequently does – then the image in the “lazy” eye might be larger than the image in the “non-lazy” eye. Now the brain can’t fuse the two images because they are different sizes.

So even though you give the child eyeglasses, the treatment is not sufficient because the larger image from the treated eye no longer fuses with the image in the good eye, so suppression starts to occur. This inhibits the improvement we look for in the treatment of amblyopia.

By giving the child SHAW™ lenses, the images are equalized at the retinal level. Sensory fusion can now occur. The patient can integrate the two images more easily. We’ve found through clinical research that the time taken to correct the amblyopia is significantly reduced and, best of all, vision suppression using a patch or drops may not be necessary.

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