PILLA Performance Eye Wear

For over 20 years, PILLA Performance Eyewear has believed that if we follow these simple beliefs, we would be able to confidently rise every day knowing that we stand alone in providing the very best in performance eyewear. Pilla’s finest visual equipment technology has made PILLA an integral part of the competitive gear.

PILLA has partnered with Zeiss to offer the finest in visual lens science. Zeiss has been producing optical perfection since 1846 and is recognized as the international leader in optics. For over 165 years, Zeiss has accepted nothing less than creating the industry standard. Pilla is proud to engineer the finest products in the world with a company that holds the same beliefs. “We make sport visible.”

Each sport has unique needs for their performance eyewear, whether it is the frame geometry, the materials used, or the customized ZEISS lens filtration kits, with Zeiss PILLA has created a benchmark lens technology called VIVX. VIVX is a rich colour enhancement technology, tuned to maximize the perceptive ability of the eye in a variety of lighting conditions and environmental backgrounds. Eye fatigue is an area of sport science that is often overlooked by athletes, coaches, and trainers. When it comes to shooting sports, eye fatigue is the difference between a gold medal and no medal. PILLA has partnered with ZEISS to create a technology to manage eye fitness and provide athletes with eye energy for extended periods of time.

Eye fatigue is an area of sport science that is often overlooked by athletes, coaches, and trainers. When it comes to shooting sports, eye fatigue is the difference between a gold medal and no medal. PILLA has partnered with ZEISS to create a technology to manage eye fitness and provide athletes with eye energy for extended periods of time.



PILLA frames utilize materials that provide functional benefits to the athlete while providing longevity of use. PILLA uses state-of-the-art materials to reduce weight which not only enhances functional performance but also comfort. PILLA has created systems of lens interchangeability that are patented. These systems have been engineered to allow athletes to change to the proper lens for maximum eye performance. The system facilitates quick and easy changing. The materials used are tested to deliver extended use and hold up in the toughest conditions.

PILLA Shooting Eye Wear

Pilla has created the most comprehensive shooting sports eye science available in the market. We pride ourselves on providing lens and frame science that gives our athletes an unfair advantage and unmatched visual aptitude. We pride ourselves on technical design and confidently know we have engineered the very best glasses in the world using the finest in optics and frame materials. We do not accept anything less than perfection with our design.


Pilla has created a variety of frame geometries with no nose piece, offering the archer a zero-obstruction visual through the nasal part of the glasses. This is critical for archers who, until now, have had to remove their sunglasses because of frame and nose obstruction, even when shooting in bright conditions. When an archer has to remove their eyewear to shoot, the eye is shocked by the sudden change in light, limiting the ability to remain relaxed and focused. The use of an optically correct system, designed for sunny to low-light conditions, manages the performance of the most critical element of your equipment: your eye.

All Pilla lenses developed by ZEISS are treated with a state-of-the-art, anti-reflective coating which removes all glare and visual noise from the archer’s vision. Consistent light into the eye means arrow impacts never vary. No more lefts and rights, and no more eye fatigue. PILLA ZEISS lenses are optically perfect, with more than twice the clarity of an average sunglass. The lens is precise so no matter where you look through the lens surface, the target does not shift.

ACTION Shooting Eye Wear

Athletes competing in Action Shooting sports to date have used eyewear because it was compulsory from a safety standpoint. The reality is eyewear has the opportunity to offer a competitive advantage. Pilla has moved into the world of action shooting as a direct piece of our brand DNA.

Pilla has focused on new frame geometries, a lens light management system, and completely interchangeable frame designs to allow for the perfect visual experience on the range. The Pilla system allows a shooter to tune their eyes to navigate and optimize target acquisition. Each frame and lens design provides full panoramic vision with no interference from the frame or nosepiece.

Action Shooting Sports is a primary focus for Pilla. Action shooting sports have primarily been serviced with basic eye protection. Pilla has introduced high performance lens technology for enhanced athletic achievement. Action shooting athletes require acute vision while negotiating active shooting environments. The introduction of lens filtration, light management, and superior engineering with PILLA ZEISS lenses, Pilla provides a competitive advantage for Action Shooting Athletes.


An equestrian athlete is continually dealing with the sun given the sport is enjoyed outside 90% of the time. For an athlete in equestrian sports, the eye is continually being bombarded by harmful UV light. Pilla provides a lens science produced by ZEISS that provides 100% protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

In addition to eye protection, Pilla offers the equestrian athlete direct benefits in eyewear not found in regular sunglasses. For the Polo player, Pilla provides proprietary lens science to enhance the registration of the Polo ball in various lighting conditions. For the Hunter/Jumper rider, Pilla eyewear provides perfect depth of field for seeing a true distance without having to squint or strain the eye. Further, the colour enhancement technology gives the athlete a vivid visual experience without introducing eye fatigue. Pilla has a variety of lens options to manage light for the equestrian athlete.


Aviation is one of the few professions where vision and critical accuracy are literally the single most important requirements. Without perfect vision, risk and error are profoundly magnified to a power of 10. Pilla provides a total eye management directive for our Aviation glasses. We protect the eye, preserve eye fitness, and enhance eye performance. We protect the pilot’s eyes with true UV 400 eye protection from all three forms of harmful UV light.

Our PILLA ZEISS lens science, developed in partnership with ZEISS, is optically perfect and reduces eye fatigue because the eye is no longer looking through a distorted lens material. This is a major benefit for a pilot as situational awareness in a cockpit is maintained. Pilla provides superior optics and filtration technology, enhancing the eye’s capability to manage a variety of lighting conditions when operating under VFR. We do this with very specific lens filtrations which artificially enhance the colour spectrum in various lighting conditions. Eyewear is as important as the pre-flight check for a pilot – when you put Pilla on in the cockpit you have checked one of the most important elements of your pre-flight routine.

7Eye by Panoptx


7eye is dedicated to superior eye care and cutting-edge colour management, delivering the 7 colours of the visible spectrum with unsurpassed clarity so you have the freedom to do what you love. 7Eye by Panoptx Air Shield Series has the thicker foam to really block out all wind, dirt and debris. This is the best option for dry eye syndrome and those sensitive to wind.

7eye by Panoptx Vortex Sunglasses deliver the maximum performance and protection in a style that expresses your need for speed. Whether taking to the blacktop on your motorcycle or busting up a few trails on the ATV, 7eye sunglasses offer superior protection for motor and other sports enthusiasts with extra protection that helps block wind, moisture, debris and glare. 7eye’s patented frame designs feature Airdam technology providing enhanced protection against wind, glare and airborne irritants maintaining a comfortable environment for your eyes.

Airdam performs wonders for people with dry eye symptoms or for those who engage in activities where their eyes are vulnerable to high doses of wind and glare. 7eye gives people the freedom to do what they love better, longer and in greater comfort.

Photochromic Day-Night lenses deliver the ultimate in fast response, brilliant clarity, super lightweight and rugged durability. Better still, this superior performance lasts up to four times longer than ordinary PC photochromic lenses. The gray tint in the darkened state is soothing and comfortable in bright sun. Additionally the inner lens is treated with an anti-fog coating for all-weather performance.

Light Transmission: 16% to 80% – Dynamic lens responds quickly to conditions
Conditions: Bright sun – Low light – Nighttime
Day Tint: 16% VLT – Darkens to Gray for comfort in bright sun
Night Tint: 80% VLT – Lightens to Clear for visibility at night or in low light

VerSport Performance Eye Wear


VerSport glasses are made from an exclusive High-performance polymer-based material that guarantees maximum strength and protection against impact and yields the level of safety, elasticity and comfort required to engage in sports activities. The VerSport range delivers solutions for both children, teens and adults. VerSport sports Rx goggles feature a number of specific features designed for wear in the sports arena but also as a general wear activity eye wear. The ZEUS series VX sports glasses allow the possibility of choosing between TEMPLES or STRAP, both included in the set. These sports glasses are ideal for soccer, tennis, basketball and other sports.

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