If your child is heading to school this fall, you will have several things to do to prepare them for this exciting chapter and considering their eye care needs must be at the top of your list. Many kids have vision problems, and if left undiagnosed, these issues may interfere with their learning and their ability to participate in social, educational and physical activities. Early detection is crucial as this will allow your child to receive proper treatment, which will help them succeed and enjoy their school journey.

It’s a must that you get your kids’ eyes ready for school, and the following guide will tell you how:

  1. Book an eye exam. It is recommended that children receive their first eye exam when they are six months old and again when they are three and five years old. After this point, children should complete yearly exams to ensure their vision is healthy. You can make this a part of their annual back-to-school routine so that your child completes a yearly eye exam before the start of the school year.
  2. A little bit of preparation will go a long way and help your child feel confident about their appointment. Eye exams should not be scary, and talking to your child about this experience will allow them to understand what they can expect. You can role-play your visit or draw pictures of eyes to discuss how they work, and you can also read stories about eye exams and their importance. You can also bring your child’s favourite toy to their appointment to provide additional comfort. The good news is that pediatric eye exams are quick and usually take about 15 minutes, so your child won’t have to be there very long.
  3. Shop for glasses. If your child needs glasses, you need to shop in advance to ensure their glasses are ready for the first day of school. Their glasses must fit properly and be in good condition, and it doesn’t hurt to have a backup pair. You should also stock up on glass cleaner, contact lens solution, and other eye care products to prepare you and your child for the school year ahead.

If you are interested in booking a pediatric eye exam, Blink Vision Care can help! We will assess your child’s vision and eye health and ensure that there are no underlying issues. If we notice anything that may be concerning, we will diagnose the situation and provide treatment so you can rely on us for all of your eye care needs. If you have any questions or require more information, contact us today to hear more about our eye exams!