There are many different things you should take into consideration when choosing your competition shooting glasses. Making sure that you get the right pair of glasses when it is time for competition could mean the difference between winning and losing.

Style is as important as your safety and you can think about a handful of different features when choosing a pair of competition shooting glasses, which include material, colour, coverage, UV protection and the overall style of the frame.

These are the things that you should consider when buying shooting glasses that will cover your needs for every competition:

Lens Material

Ideally, you will need your shooting glasses and eyewear to be able to resist impact. This isn’t always the case, so you should think about the lens material. The material your lenses are made out of for your competition shooting glasses is important because it will be the first line of defense to protect you from stray projectiles, dirt and other debris. When you are looking to purchase your own competition glasses, make sure that they are made from high-quality materials. Polycarbonate is one common material that is used for lenses and it is favoured for use with competition shooting glasses because it is transparent and can give the user protection from any kickback and debris when they are shooting. They can do this without hindering any performance.

Lens Tint Colour

You might be wondering what the best lens tint colour is for shooting glasses. This will have multiple right answers depending on the wearer’s preference. There are some benefits to each colour of lens tint when thinking about competition glasses.

Yellow or Orange Lenses

Yellow or orange lenses are the standard among competition shooting eyewear since they have the ability to block blue light and allow you to view targets clearly in conditions that are hazy, foggy or cloudy. Yellow/orange coloured lens tints are great for depth perception and they might even help improve your performance on the skeet or trap range.

Rose Coloured Lenses

Rose colour lenses are excellent for red-green colour deficiency and they are a good all-around option, and they are one of the best lenses for clay shooting. This can be for both orange or black targets, and it can help highlight the orange and define black targets.

Purple Lenses

Purple is one of the most favoured tints for competition lenses. It is great for shooting in green backgrounds that feature hills or in the woods, since it will dampen out the green and make orange targets look more enhanced and easier to see.

Brown Lenses

Like yellow coloured lenses, brown ones are very useful for seeing orange targets and they can help enhance your field of view in very bright conditions. The biggest benefit with brown tints is their ability to keep your eyes calm by blocking out excessive UV light. Well-rested and relaxed eyes are able to react quicker to moving objects like clay targets.

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