Why You Need Sports Glasses for Playing Sports

Sports are not just about winning and losing. It is an about clear focus in all kinds of weather conditions and keeping an eye on the ball without worrying about injury. Good vision is an important factor to score high in anything you do, especially sports. Regular sunglasses without firm grip or adequate UV protection can come in the way of your performance, increase risk, and chances of injury. What you need are wraparound sports glasses that stay in place through high speed and activity. They need to protect you from the sun and flying objects. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider one.

How Sports Glasses Help You Stay on Top of Your Game

Did you know that 40,000 eye injuries that occur in North America every year are sports-related? Most sports involve high-speed objects flying towards you, creating the potential to hit your face and cause grave injuries, even vision loss, if you don’t take care to protect yourself well. A racquetball, for instance, can travel between 60 and 200 miles per hour. Racquets and bats themselves move at high speed. If they hit your face, you might be laid up with more than a black eye. Sports also involves close contact with other aggressive players that can lead to high-impact accidents in seconds. Basketball is responsible for a high number of eye injuries for instance.

Good sports eyewear reduces the chance of eye damage. They are designed for both children and adults; those with normal vision and prescription contact lens wearers.

Different Types of Sports Glasses

Wraparound Sports Glasses:

Sports glasses are available in different shapes and sizes, made for different sports. Some fit-in helmets for football, hockey, and baseball games. The lenses in sports glasses are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate that shield the eye from both fast-moving objects and harsh UV rays. The frame is equally tough. They are made of high-impact-resistant plastic or polycarbonate. A special rubber padding cushions the frame around the head and nose for extra protection. There are wraparound styles available for biking, hang-gliding, and sailing. Wraparound sports glasses are also perfect for contact lens wearers to protect from wind, dust, and debris.

HandBall Goggles:

Handball goggles earlier had small openings in place of lenses. But the handballs were found to cause serious damage to the eyes when they hit through the openings. Now sports goggles for handball and racquetball are fitted with impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses to protect the eyes from injury.

Fitting Considerations:

It is important for sports glasses to be a snug fit, especially for children. That is possible only when the glasses are the exact size. Oversized glasses do not allow a good fit and a size too small will not have enough room for growth. Look for a size that feels comfortable and flexible. The padding should rest easy and the lenses should be centered before the eyes.

Specialty Sports Glasses at Blink Vision Care, Brampton

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