Should You Buy Glasses Online?

As a society, we are increasingly buying products online rather than going to a brick-and-mortar store. The number of people who prefer online shopping and the number of people who prefer in-store shopping are very similar. With demand for online retailers growing, it is no wonder that more and more industries are taking the plunge, including prescription glasses. While it may seem like a great idea to buy your glasses online – you have more selection, prices are better, and there are tons of deals – you can end up getting burned. So why should you be wary about buying prescription glasses online?

The Cons

You Can’t Try Them On

There are a select few online glasses retailers that will send you samples to try on at home and then send them back to them. This is not the norm though, and it does extend the length of time it takes to make your final purchase. Generally, though, you will have to take a risk that the glasses you fit will be a good fit for your face. Sometimes we fall in love with a pair of eyeglasses only to put it on our face and immediately put them back, due to them being the wrong tone or shape for us. Trying on in person is the best way to ensure proper fit.

Measuring Your Pupil Distance

When you get a pair of glasses, you have to measure your pupil distance. When you get this done at an eye doctor or optical store they do this for you with proper tools to ensure it is perfect. When you order online, it can be incredibly tricky to do this on your own, and it may result in glasses that do not work for you and need to be returned.

Returns Are Not Guaranteed

Sometimes you will not be able to return glasses unless there is damage or it falls within your warranty. So if you made an error entering your information, you are out of luck. Online retailers also can close without notice, so if your order were incorrect, you would have no recourse.

Issues with Orders

The American Optometric Association did a study on glasses ordered online. They found, shockingly, that 44.8% of the glasses ordered had either incorrect prescriptions or safety issues that could be detrimental to someone’s eyesight! It really just is not worth the risk.

Insurance Issues

Sometimes insurance can be rejected from ordering glasses online. You have to check to see if your insurance will pay for glasses ordered online or not, do not just assume that they will accept it.

The Pros

There are some pros to buying your glasses online. You can shop around quite easily and get lots of information on styles, trends, and lens types. You also do get a wider range of glasses and can save a good chunk of money. If you live in a very remote or rural place and would otherwise need to travel to get your glasses, this is a great option. You do have to weigh these pros and cons carefully, however, as you do not want to end up waiting forever for your glasses to come in or end up with the wrong prescription or a lesser quality product and warranty.

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