Important Tips To Remember When Buying Prescription Glasses

Now that you’ve spent months squinting your eyes at work or class, it’s finally time to get a much-needed pair of prescription glasses for yourself. Similar to any purchase, few key points must be kept in mind while investing your money.

Thinking about your style and preferences always helps in choosing the right pair. Would you prefer everyday black glasses that are subtle or do you need everyone to notice your gold metal framed pair? Having a budget in mind will also help narrow down your choices. Below are few useful tips to keep in mind when purchasing a pair of your choice.

Face Shape

You will most likely wear your prescription glasses in various situations for years; thus, you want to make sure that the pair you pick is compatible with the shape of your face. People with round faces look better with rectangular frames. Round frames suit heart-shaped and square-shaped faces. Mostly all frames suit oval-shaped faces. The simple guide is not a set of stringent rules, so if you happen to admire a shape that isn’t popular for your face type, go with it. Your preferences are all that matters.


Frames are the most fun part of choosing glasses because this step allows you to flaunt your style while keeping your comfort in mind. Take a look at various colors and materials to decide what fits the best with your lifestyle. You may step out of your comfort zone and try new trends or stick to the colors you’ve always loved.

Make sure also to keep size in check. Frames that are too small can start to make the back of the ears hurt. On the other hand, frames that are too big can make your face appear significantly smaller. Opt for frames that sit comfortably on your ears from the sides and your nose at the front, without posing a risk of falling off.

Transition Lenses

The majority of people are beginning to opt for transition glasses which play the role of both prescription glasses and sunglasses. Switching between two pairs of glasses can increase the risk of losing them or breakage. Transition glasses are clear indoors and darken when we step outside in the sun, protecting our eyes from glare and UV rays.


A prescription is the most vital part of getting a new pair of glasses. Book an eye exam at a well-rated clinic with good specialists who will test your vision thoroughly and write down an accurate prescription.

Glasses are an essential investment that will stick by you every single day for numerous years. If you are in quest of a place where you will get excellent services and styles, then Blink Vision care is the place to go.

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