How to Select Sunglasses Designed for Your Face Shape

Sunglasses are not just an accessory or fashion statement. UV filtered sunglasses are a must in Canada, whatever time of the year it is. The UV Index is very low in the winter months here. Before you head out for outdoor activities, don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun.

Fresh white snow reflects over 80% UV rays off the surface, doubling your exposure. Up in the mountains, UV rays increase to twice as much so sun protection and sunscreen are a must on exposed skin. The more time you spend outdoors, the more protection you need.

Cheap shades can cause more damage than good. They don’t block enough harmful UV rays and fog up your glasses, straining your eyes. High-quality, UV-protected sunglasses are a must in Canada. They protect your eyes from harmful radiation and minimize eye strain. A good fit is important to keep you comfortable and protected any time you’re out in the sun. It helps to choose sunglasses that complement the shape and cut of your face, so you feel comfortable while looking your best.

Round Face: Is the length and width of your face nearly equal? Do you have a small, chin and rounded cheeks? Your round face needs glasses that lengthen your face to complement the contours. Choose frames that have more width than height. Glasses shaped like winged-out “cat’s eyes” or aviators with narrow bridges are best for you. Avoid frames that are round, narrow, or cover your eyebrows.

Oval Face: If the length of your face is greater than the width, and your forehead is wider than the jawline, you have the classic oval face. Try not to disturb the natural balance of your face cut. Avoid oversized glasses. Keep the frames as wide as your face, or perhaps slightly wider, lined with your eyebrows. Aviators, cat’s eye frames, butterfly glasses, and those with rectangular, oval, or round frames are best suited for you. Avoid sunglasses that are too big, too wide, or with sharply defined edges.

Square Face: If the length and the width of the face are nearly the same, cheekbones are defined and the jaw is square-shaped, you have a cut that can carry off rounded frames to visually soften the sharp edges. Choose large glasses, colored frames, oval, round, or teardrop-shaped frames, aviators, and frameless glasses. Avoid frames with sharp corners, small, narrow frames, and glasses with frames that are broader than your face.

Heart-Shaped: A wide forehead and small chin with narrow cheeks is what is called the heart-shaped face. Wear glasses that don’t add bulk to the upper half of your face. The lower part can be bigger to balance it out. Teardrop-shaped designs such as aviators are ideal. So are round glasses, those with low-set arms, bright or neutral-colored frames, and small frames with a narrow middle. Avoid glasses that are winged out, those that cover your eyebrows, large frames, and sharp, pointed rims.

Blink Vision Care, Brampton

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