Dry Eyes: What They Are and How to Prevent Them

Dry eyes are an irritating condition that affects a person’s vision and causes a great deal of discomfort. While some cases are severe, most are curable through proper care, resulting in a much happier lifestyle. There are different ways of treating dry eyes, all of which aim to prevent or reduce the symptoms and a reputable optometrist will know exactly which of these treatments to recommend depending on each patient’s unique condition.

Here are a few of the ways in which dry eyes can be prevented:

  1. Artificial tears are often used to provide quick relief to those experiencing a mild case of dry eyes. This is geared more towards those who sit in front of a computer too long or read for extended periods of time. Artificial tears serve as a lubricant for the eye and help reduce dryness. 
  2. If your situation is more severe, then you will most likely be given a prescription eye drop that will serve as more than just a lubricant for your dry eyes. Artificial tears are a great way to provide relief to the surface of the eye, however, for many patients that is not enough. Prescription drops will help with additional issues like inflammation while also helping the body to produce more natural tears resulting in healthier eyes.
  3. LipiFlow is a medical device that makes use of heat and pressure to unclog the oil-producing tear glands that may be clogged. This helps moisten the eyes while restoring the proper balance of oils to eliminate dry eyes.
  4. Punctal plugs are another treatment option in which a small device is inserted into one of the tear drainage ducts located in the inner corners of the eyelids to plug the openings. This prevents the tears from draining away from the eye through those ducts so that the tears remain on the surface of the eye, creating moisture and preventing dry eyes. 

These are only a few of the ways in which dry eyes can be prevented. Eyecare is extremely important and if symptoms are not treated properly or on time, can lead to serious issues. A good optometrist will conduct eye exams and monitor your eyes to ensure there are no concerns. Blink Vision Care in Brampton is an excellent eye clinic that can assist you with everything from sunglasses to checkups. If you’ve been looking for a good eye doctor and want an optometrist you can trust, search no further and visit Blink Vision Care today!