It’s not always easy to know when it’s time to update your glasses prescription because vision changes can happen slowly, and a lot of people do not realize the severity of the situation. You may not notice how bad your vision has gotten, and waiting until you can hardly see will not only put a lot of stress on your eyes but may permanently affect your vision, so you need to address this situation.

If you ever notice any of the following signs, it’s time to get new prescription glasses:


If you have to partly close your eyes to see, this is a problem. When a person squints, a concentrated amount of light will enter their eyes, and this will allow them to see better, but this is not a solution and squinting is a temporary fix to a serious problem. Squinting may result in better vision, but you cannot continue on this way and need to update your prescription glasses.


When your eyes and brain have to work harder to make up for your poor vision, you will experience a lot of headaches because of the tension on your eye muscles. This will not only cause headaches, but will lead to eye strain as well, so if you think you’re experiencing more headaches than usual, it’s a sign that you need to visit your eye doctor to obtain new prescription glasses.

You Can’t Remember the Last Time You had New Glasses

It is recommended that patients receive an eye exam every two years, but many people ignore this timeline and only book an appointment with their optometrist if they can’t see. This is very problematic because eye health has to be monitored and is related to your overall health. An eye doctor will be able to see early signs of heart disease and diabetes, so if you can’t remember when you got your current pair of glasses, it’s time to schedule an appointment for new prescription glasses.

You Start to See Double

When you see two images of one object, it’s a sign that your eyes are not working together, preventing you from seeing clearly. You should never see two of the same thing, so if you experience this problem, you will need new prescription glasses.

Your Current Glasses are Scratched or Damaged

Scratched lenses will make your vision seem blurry and prevent you from seeing clearly, so this is something you have to address. Bent frames are also very problematic because your glasses will no longer sit properly on your face, so this, too, has to be addressed.

If you are in need of a new prescription, Blink Vision Care can help. We will make sure you see clearly and check on your eyes’ health, so contact us today to schedule an appointment!