Shooting glasses are a very important part of hunting and target shooting, and this item is a necessity whenever a person handles a firearm. This is true regardless of whether you’re at a shooting range or a field, and the reason why shooting glasses are so important is because they protect your eyes from potential harm or damage.

There are many lens colour options you can choose from when it comes to shooting eyewear, and knowing the differences will help you select the right glasses. Lens colour matters, so you have to understand this aspect to select the best shooting glasses for your needs. Different lens colours will enhance your vision in various lighting conditions, improving your visual clarity and depth perception, which are characteristics every shooter needs.

If you’re not sure which colour is ideal, the following guide will provide you with clarification:

Yellow/orange Lenses

These glasses will help block out blue light but will bring out the orange colour of a practice target. Diffused haze on a cloudy day is an example of blue light, and these tints are popular because they tend to increase your contrast and depth perception to provide you with better accuracy.

Amber Lenses

This, too, will block blue light, and this tint will work best in low light and on cloudy days. Amber tints create a great contrast between colours, so the target’s orange will stand out quite a bit.

Brown Lenses

A lot of target shooters and hunters prefer this tint because they feel it increases the contrast of orange-coloured targets. They tend to work best in fields or open areas and are especially great in bright sunlight. Another reason why so many shooters gravitate towards this tint is because brown is known to reduce eye strain and is considered to be soothing, so you will remain more alert.

Purple/blue Lenses

If your shooting range consists of a backdrop of beautiful trees, you will need these particular tints because they will improve contrast against greens and oranges, so your eyes will remain focused on your target. You won’t feel distracted by trees and greenery and will clearly see the target.

Gray Lenses

This tint will reduce the amount of light around you, so you will be able to see a balanced tone of colour. These lenses are perfect for bright conditions and will provide you with a level sense of contrast and depth.

The reality is that lens colours will have an impact on your vision, so choosing the right tint is a must because it will make a big difference in this regard. Choosing the lens tint that is most suitable for your environment will improve your accuracy.

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