Top Five Tips For Contact Lens Wearers Who Struggle With Allergies

Contact lenses are a particularly favorable alternative to eyeglasses for those that want to see everything without compromise. Unfortunately, contact lens wearers that struggle with allergies during certain times of the year can experience hyper-sensitive dry eyes and difficulty seeing clearly. Winter is an especially bothersome season for allergies, causing itchy and dry eyes from house dust, dander, and less ventilation in the home.

To keep your eyes itch-free and maintain optimal vision this winter, Blink Vision Care has the top five tips for you to follow.

1. Eye Drops Will Keep Eyes Moist

Allergens dry out eyes and leave them irritated and sensitive. Keep your eyes hydrated with eye drops every two hours to avoid them becoming irritated. The more frequently you apply the drops, the less likely the allergens will stick to the surface of your contact lenses. When purchasing eye drops, opt for artificial tears over red-eye relievers for more effective care.

2. Use Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Monthly disposable contact lenses can become covered with allergens regardless of how often you use eye drops and take them out. The most sensible choice is to transfer from monthly disposable lenses to daily disposables. Daily disposable contact lenses are thrown out at the end of each day and a new pair is inserted the following morning. This guarantees your eyes and contacts are always clean, fresh, and free of allergens. Blink Vision Care carries well-known brands, including Acuvue to Bausch + Lomb, which carry comfortable daily disposable lenses that require minimal care!

3. Use a Cool Compress Over Eyes

On days where irritation seems to be at an all-time high, it’s imperative for your comfort and eye health to avoid itching and rubbing them. When allergy symptoms occur, use a cool compress to relieve the inflammation. The cool compress will provide immediate coolness and reduce the swelling of your eyes.

4. Wear Eyeglasses When You Can

As comfortable and convenient as contact lenses are, sometimes your eyes need a break! Switching to eyeglasses even a few times a week can offer your eyes more protection from allergen irritation and safeguard them from dust in the air.

5. Limit The Amount of Makeup You Wear

Applying eye makeup can get it on your fingers, which may potentially get on your contact lenses or eyes during application. If you choose to wear makeup, ensure you’re washing your hands frequently before and after the contact lens application. Before touching your eyes, you should be washing your hands with mild or no-fragrance soap to avoid irritation.

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