Choosing Shooting Glasses and Eye Protection

Safety must be prioritized at all times when handling firearms, and this aspect is extremely important. One of the main aspects you have to consider is protection for your eyes, and quality shooting glasses are a must because they can provide you with the protection you need against dangerous accidents. Additionally, shooting glasses will also allow you to better handle different types of conditions you may come across in the field, so you cannot overlook the value of eye protection.

It is a must that you wear shooting glasses because anything can happen while you’re in the field, and proper eye protection will prevent accidents and patches. Debris, spent brass, and shrapnel can all shoot back towards your eye, and this can lead to major problems with your sight. Small particles can also be very dangerous if they get into your eyes when shooting, and your vision can be compromised as a result. You can become temporarily blinded, but the right shooting glasses will prevent this from happening and will protect your eyes so that you can operate your firearm safely.

It’s important to note that everyday sunglasses are not as effective as shooting glasses because they are not designed to protect you from the hazards of shooting. Protective glasses are designed specifically for shooting purposes, so they are ideal when handling firearms, and the following factors must be considered when choosing eye protection:

Lens Material

You will need protection from impact, and polycarbonate is always recommended because this is the same material compound used to create bullet-resistant glass. This material is lightweight, very strong and inexpensive and offers UV protection along with shatter and scratch resistance.

UV Protection

Look for glasses that block 99% of UV radiation because this will protect your eyes from UV rays and will allow you to focus. Read the label carefully before purchasing shooting glasses and make sure they meet your requirements.

Lens Colour

There are a ton of options to choose from, and the most important thing is that you have a clear lens that will give you maximum light transmission when looking down a scope. Different colours and tints are available, and you will be able to find mirror-coatings, rainbow-coatings and a variety of gradients. A lot of shooting glasses also offer interchangeable lenses, so you would be able to switch colours based on conditions.


These should be lightweight and comfortable, so look for materials like plastic, aluminum and titanium. Quality shooting glasses will have frames that are very durable, so check on this aspect.

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