9 Tips for New Contact Lens Wearers

Millions of people around the world wear corrective contact lenses to improve their vision. If you’re new to the world of contact lenses, then you need to know what you should and shouldn’t do before you insert your first pair. To help you out, here are nine tips for first-time contact lens wearers.

Wash Them Daily

Never put unwashed contact lenses into your eyes, as you’re guaranteed to introduce harmful bacteria into your system. And make sure your hands are always clean when handling your contact lenses to prevent contracting a bacterial infection.

Keep Your Eyes Hydrated

If you spend the majority of your day staring at a computer screen, then you need to remember to keep your eyes hydrated. Use rewetting drops, never water, to put moisture back into your eyes for better comfort.

Don’t Wear Them Overnight

Your eyes aren’t receiving as much air when you’re wearing contact lenses, so it’s important to give your eyes a break and remove your lenses after several hours. More importantly, don’t wear them while you’re sleeping, as you’ll increase your chances of getting an eye infection.

Don’t Ignore Any Discomfort

If your eyes feel irritated or your contacts are causing you pain, remove them immediately. There could be debris on your eye or abrasion on the lens itself. To prevent damage, rehydrate your eye and have your eye doctor inspect your lenses.

Keep Your Glasses on You

You never know when you’ll accidentally drop or damage a lens while you’re out and about. To make sure you can see clearly in case something happens, carry a pair of eyeglasses with you at all times.

Keep Them Away From Water

No matter how clean you think your water is, there are bacteria and organisms swimming around that will undoubtedly cause an eye infection. Listen to your optometrist when they tell you not to wear your lenses in the shower, while swimming or when participating in other water-related activities.

Don’t Reuse Contact Solution

Once you’ve washed on your contact lenses with the necessary cleansing solution, dump it, as it’s now swimming in bacteria. As the purpose is to clean your lenses, rinsing them with a used solution removes the disinfecting properties.

Replace Your Lens Case Often

As with any surface, your lens case will get dirty over time, with bacteria building up the longer you hold onto it. To reduce your chances of contracting an eye infection, replace your case every two to three months.

Just Relax

You don’t need to constantly worry about damaging your eye or having your lens get stuck. For the easiest results, take a deep breath and relax while inserting and removing your contact lenses. It will be awkward at first, but panicking will only increase your chances of hurting yourself.

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